EasySorter Simplifies Source Separation And Makes Recycling Easy!

This summer Halifax, NS will be enforcing a by-law that will see a move to multiple clear garbage bags and one solid-colored bag allowed for picked up at curbside.
Nova Scotia generates less garbage per person than most other provinces in Canada as a result of their clear bag programs. The upcoming change is intended to help further divert compost and recyclable materials from the Otter Lake landfill, which some reports say, receives more than 140,000 tons of materials each year and that close to 50 per cent of that material is considered compostable or recyclable.
In order to comply with this by-law business and restaurant owners, commercial properties, apartment buildings and home owners will have to implement a source separation program to simplify the separation of recyclables, paper and organics from garbage.
Source separation is the first and most important step in any recycling effort. Separating materials at the source ensures there is no contamination, or mixing, of garbage with recyclable or compostable materials.
Separating materials isn’t difficult it requires commitment and a container system that simplifies the separation /sorting process.
EasySorter containers provide an excellent source separation solution to help make recycling easy. Manufactured in Weymouth NS, the single unit, multi stream containers are shipped fully assembled with clearly marked signage for indoor and outdoor recycling.
Made from strong PVC coated wire, EasySorter containers are easy to clean, durable and long lasting. The unique wire design and clearly marked streams make it easy for users to see exactly what is in the streams and to quickly identify capacity levels.
Whether you’re a home owner, business or restaurant owner, apartment or property manager or facility manager you will benefit from the sorting features provided by EasySorter.
Place your clear bags in the containers and you have a complete source separation solution to help you support any recycling program.
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