To Our Valued Easy Sorter Customers

Please be advised that effective February 1, 2015, the pricing on the full line of Easy Sorters will be adjusted to reflect the current realities of costs associated with raw materials and production.  EasySorter products have been consistently very well priced in the marketplace and the vision is to continue this strategy as evidenced by the fact that no price adjustment has been made in 15 months.

In addition to the general price adjustment, it is also necessary to accurately reflect the costs associated with custom EasySorter orders.  Customization of EasySorters is inherent in the line as customers can choose their signage and order of streams in each unit ordered.  However, when customers wish to have changes in the shape of openings, position of signage, custom signs or other requests which affect the actual process of manufacturing the units, a customization surcharge of 5% must be applied.

Please be assured that any orders confirmed, and where no store account exists, are paid for prior to this date will have current pricing levels honored.  Any projects which are in negotiations, but not confirmed and paid by February 1, 2015 will be subject to the new pricing strategy.  In addition, the team at Tretan will continue to work with clients to ensure that the right EasySorter is chosen for the given application – fostering the best possible atmosphere for success in solid waste sorting!

Should you have additional questions about our line, please contact our EasySorter Account Manager, George Hubley, directly at 1-902-308-9958 or complete the contact form below.

Thank you.


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